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About Us

Our aim is to bring to Asia market wines from the best wineries of central Europe. We are working only with the best wineries, which are winning winecompetitions all around the world, so there is no doubt about the quality. Although taste of wine is so subjective as not many things, we tried to choose wines, which shall give you extraordinary experience by enjoying its significant taste and aroma.

Geographical center of Europe is located in Slovakia - ex part of Czechoslovakia. Vineyards of this region are located on north part of Europe wineregion, so that gives them big potential to produce something different than most of European wineproducers. While production of this region is so limited, most of the customers never had and never will have chance to try this wines or maybe never heard about producers from this area. Limits in amount is the main reason why we are mostly concentrated on private customers.

We are trying to bring you part of the small production of these vineyards, so even in far Asia you will be able to enjoy European treasures right from its heart.

source: SACR-Slovakia

Exceptional wine deserves exceptional service, so if you are interesting in enjoying something different right now, use our just-in-time delivery-on serving temperature and with wine descriptions and recommendations.

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